Amazing credit monitoring apps to boost your credit

If you want to build a strong, healthy credit score, it may require good financial habits, sheer focus, determination, and discipline. You need to do a lot of hard work such as pay your bills on time, reduce the overall debt burden, maintain a low debt-to-credit ratio, and lots of other requirements to maintain a good credit score.


The average FICO credit score of U.S. consumers is 695, as per the latest data from the FICO company. About 54.7% of Americans are able to score at least a 700.


Apart from following practical steps to boost your credit score, you may also find multiple credit monitoring apps on different app stores. You may use those apps on any mobile device, whether it is Android or iOS. And guess what!! Most of them are even free.


So, it only makes sense that people should use such apps to boost their scores at any time. Some apps will help you monitor your credit for improvements.


Here are some of the credit monitoring apps that may help you hold a grip on your credit and build your credit score in 2020.



This is one of the best free credit monitoring apps that you may find. Most others may require you to pay for a subscription. This mobile app helps you to access your entire credit profile and your credit score and gives you an analytical view of your credit profile. You’ll see your current credit status, you may see how your score has changed, and why. By using this app you may use your credit information and a few money-saving tips to boost your credit score.


#This app is available for both Apple and Android interface.


2. myFICO

The myFICO app is free, but it requires an active myFICO account. It may cost you practically $20 per month or more, considering the subscribed features. With this app, you will be able to monitor your FICO credit score. It is the most widely used credit score and credit report. This app may also give you a FICO Score Simulator, which will give you a synopsis of how your score may be affected if you make wrong financial decisions.


#This app is available for both Apple and Android interfaces.


3. Experian

The Experian credit monitoring app will allow you to track your Experian credit report and FICO score. You will receive an automatically updated credit report every 30 days. The app also gives you the feature called “Experian Boost”, which will help you to boost your credit score. The app is free, but you need a paid Experian account to get a few special features. The app gives you alerts if your credit report or score changes. Through this app, you may get offers on credit cards based on your FICO score.


#This app is available for both Apple and Android interface.


4. Lock & Alert from Equifax

Lock & Alert from Equifax EFX, +0.27% gives you access to lock and unlock your Equifax credit report. This way you may protect your credit score from identity theft and fraud attacks. You’ll get an alert any time your account is locked or unlocked. The credit lock is not as secure as a credit freeze, but it may give you a level of protection and is quite easy for you to turn on and off


This app works only for your Equifax credit report; so to lock and unlock the other two reports, you’ll have to work with TransUnion TRU, +0.46%, and Experian EXPGY, +1.94% separately.


#This app is available for both Apple and Android interfaces.


5. TransUnion

The TransUnion app gives you the power to refresh your credit score and credit report daily. It offers instant alerts for any changes and offers a Credit Lock Plus service. This service allows you to lock in your TransUnion credit report, just like Lock & Alert from Equifax.


You may calculate your debt-to-income ratio through the Debt Analysis tool. It also allows you to view public records associated with your name. The app is free but credit monitoring service will require a subscribed, active account.


#This app is available for both Apple and Android interface.


6. Credit Karma

Credit Karma app uses data from TransUnion and Equifax to calculate your FICO score. The app indicates different factors that affect your credit score, such as credit card utilization and your payment history. The app provides an overview of the reports made by TransUnion and Equifax credit agencies.


You may also link your credit card account with this app to track your spending.


7. Mint

It is one of the best personal finance apps available in the market. Mint is a good choice for monitoring your credit score and staying on top of your finances.


Mint doesn’t require your credit card to show your credit score. You just need to verify your identity, and that’s it. Mint will generate a full explanation of your credit report with your score instantly.


MInt will break down the basics of your credit score and help you to increase it.


#This app is available for both Apple and Android interface.


8. Self

The self-app will help you build and track your credit. It is a great app for people who are interested in establishing their credit profile or trying to improve credit. Self offer loans without any upfront payment. The loan tenure may last for 1 or 2 years. The amount will be deposited into a CD.


There is no hard inquiry to open the account, but your payments are reported to all three credit bureaus. When you repay your loan entirely, you will have access to free credit monitoring services and your VantageScore. This way you can track your progress.


The app is free, but it will require a self loan repayment of at least $25 a month.


#This app is available for both Apple and Android interfaces.